This Summer’s Rare Lobster Appearances

Not only has this summer been a wonderful one for enjoying fresh Maine lobster dinners, but it has also been one filled with incredible surprises in the nets of lobster fishermen along the Atlantic Coast.

The First Rarity of the Season

The excitement started on Monday, August 8, when veteran lobster fisherman Wayne Nickerson caught a bright blue lobster off the Massachusetts coast. Blue lobsters are a one in two million find, making this quite the incredible experience! To add to the excitement, this isn’t the first blue lobster that Nickerson has caught in his nets. His first blue lobster sighting occurred back in 1990, when he was just a child.

This year’s blue lobster was a whopping two pounds in weight and is expected to be donated to the New England Aquarium in Boston. Described by Nickerson’s wife, Jan, the lobster, “…was more brilliantly blue than the bluest hydrangea you’ve ever seen.”

A Second Sighting

While lobster enthusiasts may have thought Nickerson’s blue lobster find was the most excitement they would see all summer, this proved to be wrong just a few weeks later when another blue crustacean appeared just a few weeks later off the coast of Marshfield, Massachussetts. This one was caught in the traps of fisherman Andy Glynn and weighed in just below one pound. The brightly colored crustacean now resides at the Brant Rock Fish Market, a shop that enjoys keeping unique aquatic creatures for its visitors to see.

Five Rarities in One Place

There have even been some rare lobster sightings here in Maine, and five of these crustaceans reside at Allen’ Seafood on Lookout Point. The shop is home to one yellow lobster, two speckled-calico lobsters and two split shelled lobsters. The most unique of all, these split shelled lobsters have two different colors that split their shells in half. One of these is blue and black and hue, the other is orange and black.

The Rarest Lobster Catch of All

The most recent rare lobster sighting of the season? A bright yellow lobster fondly named Miss Ruby by the Long Island Aquarium. Ruby is a one in 30 million find who appeared in a shipment of lobsters at the Union Square Restaurant. The restaurant gave her a tank all her own, where she resided for a few weeks before moving to the Long Island Aquarium. Her new home is a 2,400 gallon tank that she shares with an eel and black sea bass.


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