The Making of the Maine Lobster Roll [Video]

lobster rollsOne of our absolute favorite Maine eats, the lobster roll has been a staple in every seafood restaurant along our coast for years. Down East Magazine recently released an article examining the oral history of the lobster roll, and how this simple – yet delicious – seafood staple became what it is today.

The History

What many lobster lovers don’t realize is that this roll’s rise to fame is a recent one. 100 years ago, no one knew what a lobster roll was – not even the fishermen living in coastal Maine. It had been a part of “Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink” since 1937, but it wasn’t until the late 90s that this appetizing dish started to gain notoriety. Its stardom began shortly after its addition to the menu of the upscale Manhattan restaurant, Pearl Oyster Bar.

After its arrival in New York City, the lobster roll claimed Bon Appétit Magazine’s dish of the year title in 2006, and has continued to thrive in seafood restaurants and eateries across the country. Much like other regionally-known foods, the origins of the lobster roll are a bit fuzzy. Plenty of restaurants and individuals claim that they were the first to put lobster on a hot dog roll; some of whom aren’t even located in Maine!

But since we might never find out who first made this delicious and fun dinner dish, it’s time to continue on to the important part.

How do you make a lobster roll?

Check out our video for step-by-step instructions!

What can you pair it with?

The perfect dish for serving at a picnic or backyard bash, lobster rolls can be paired with chips, fries and almost every summer salad. Here are just a few recipes we recommend trying with your new favorite dish.

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