The Ultimate Celebratory Feast

seafood feastJob promotion? Graduation? Won the lottery? No matter what the occasion, there are certain milestones reserved for a truly epic feast. And there are few better components to an epic feast than crab and lobster. When preparing for your next special occasion, only considering a simple yet luxurious dinner sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes will do.
• 1 Whole Lobster
• ¼ Cup Drawn Butter
• 2 Lemon Wedges
• King Crab Legs
• White Fish Cut of Your Choice
• 2 scallops
• 2 Shrimp
• Salt & Pepper
This is a surprisingly quick dinner to prepare. Because it will take the longest, place your white fish in the broiler.
• Time your whitefish in the broiler for about 15 mins.
• Place whole lobster in boiling water for 12 mins.
• Sere scallops in hot pan for 3 mins on each side, add lemon juice from one wedge and set aside.
• Place crab legs and shrimp in boiling water for 6 mins.
• Plate everything and garnish with a lemon.
Add one of each component for each dinner guest. Cooking this meal is all about timing, so start with what takes the longest so everything is done at the same time. Simple yet refined, boiled lobster and crab make for the best compliment to any accomplishment or festivity.