Fresh Maine Lobster Tails

If you love the taste of lobsters caught straight off the coast of Maine, you should know you don’t have to visit Maine to enjoy them. The state would be happy to welcome you with open arms the next time you want to chow down on fresh Maine lobster tails, but Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. can ship lobster tails quickly to almost any part of the country so you can enjoy them in your own home or serve them during your next event or even in your restaurant.

Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. is proud to offer two different types of fresh Maine lobster tails. We have whole tails as well as split tails. Regardless of which type you choose to order, we guarantee our lobster tails will taste like they just came out of the water when you sit down to eat them. We work directly with fishermen who provide us with the freshest lobster tails on the market so our customers feel like they’re in Maine when they’re enjoying them.

Our whole fresh Maine lobster tails come in a variety of different sizes. Choose from small (4-5 ounces), medium (5-6 and 7-8 ounces), large (8-10 ounces), and jumbo (12-14 and 16-20 ounces) lobster tails. Our split tail lobster tails, meanwhile, are 5-6 ounces and include 8 halves. Free overnight shipping is included with the price of both types of our lobster tails.

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