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Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. has merged with Port Lobster Co.

Seafood & Shellfish

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Cape Porpoise Lobster Company might pride itself in its fresh lobster, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of its other varieties of seafood and shellfish. With such mouthwatering cuisine as sea scallops, shrimp, steamed clams, blue mussels, and more, Cape Porpoise Lobster Company is much more than a lobster company.

Take our fresh Atlantic sea scallops for instance. These fresh, dry sea scallops come from the cold waters of Maine. Each pound of Atlantic sea scallops we sell has approximately 30 fat scallops. Orders of dry sea scallops typically come in 2 lbs. or 4 lbs, though larger amounts are available. If it’s shrimp you crave, our cleaned and shelled shrimp arrives with approximately 80 raw shrimp per pound. This easy-to-eat item arrives ready for the consumer to turn into scrumptious appetizers, sandwiches, and meals. Raw shrimp with tails arrive in 1.5 lb. steamer packs, ready to steam and enjoy. In terms of fresh fillets and steaks, Cape Porpoise Lobster Company offers haddock and swordfish.

The benefit of raw, frozen haddock is that the fillets can be prepared to the liking of you and your company. Prepare your haddock fillets in whichever method suits you best: grilled broiled, boiled or baked. There is no end to the methods that raw haddock can be prepared. The deliciousness doesn’t stop there. With smoked salmon and seafood cakes, Cape Porpoise Lobster Company takes the phrase “fresh Maine seafood” to the next level. The smoked salmon is brought in directly from Ducktrap River Farm in Maine, and ensured to have no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. This salmon is simply fresh, delicious smoked salmon. With seafood cakes made of crab, lobster and shrimp, or seafood, Cape Porpoise Lobster Company proves that it goes above and beyond when it comes to seafood.