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Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. has merged with Port Lobster Co.

Seafood Gift Certificates

Choose from either a digital gift code or physical gift certificate to impress seafood enthusiasts and gourmet food fans with high-quality, authentic Maine Lobster, fish or shellfish. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. gift certificates is good for any seafood favorites on our website including completed lobster dinners, crab cakes, chowders and more as well as raw, fresh seafood for your own creations.

If you have a true seafood fan in your life you know the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic produce many of the most flavorful seafood varieties and the fishermen of Maine have captured these delectable fish for generations. We select the best harvests from the Cape Porpoise harbor for their delicious recipes and seafood shipments. Seafood lovers anywhere can savor the distinct taste of Maine’s best catches and order their favorites with next-day shipping to maintain top quality. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. gift certificates and gift codes give each recipient exclusive access to Maine’s abundant fishing waters to choose their favorite dinners, appetizers or ingredients.

Give the gift of Maine lobster and fresh seafood to friends, family, coworkers or any seafood fan for a unique, tasty gesture that will never to go waste.

  • Selecting and checking out with the electronic gift card will get you an immediate coupon code emailed to you. This is to be used online on our website whenever you wish for the amount you selected. This is the best option for those last minute shoppers.
  • If you would like to present a special person with a card or present, we will mail you a physical gift certificate if you select and check out with that option. This is not overnighted and does abide by the regular mailing of 5-7 business days.