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  • July 7, 2020
    Judith H.
    We decided to support the Maine lobster fishermen after hearing about how Convid-19 was impacting demand for lobsters. Boy oh boy, are we glad we did. Our 5 lb box of lobster tails arrived today and we couldn't wait a second to dive into them. We each ate two for lunch and froze the rest. We will eat those and order more to keep on hand. The quality and freshness is excellent and they arrived on time. We received perfect service, a quality product, and we highly recommend this company.
    Cape Porpoise Lobster Co
    Hello Judith, Thank you for this wonderful review! We are thrilled to hear you loved your order! Thank you so much for the support.
  • July 2, 2020
    Tamara Q
    Highly disappointed. By the time I was done cooking the 2 tails and was looking at the portion of the meat. I was shocked! I could have gotten more meat from a can in my grocery store. And I paid 165.00. Granted I am stuffed, and it was delicious. But the quantity verses the price was definitely not worth the cost. I ordered 2 14oz lobster tails and 2 20oz Porterhouse steaks for the 4th of July! I could not wait. So I cooked one tail. My steaks will be arriving tomorrow. I feel cheated and taken advantage of. Never again, what a bummer
  • June 21, 2020
    Andrea S.
    We ordered 20 lobsters for our son’s graduation party in Missouri. All we can say is, “Wow!” Excellent service from start to finish. Helpful employees answered all our questions and made everything very easy. Shipment arrived on time and every lobster was alive and ready to go! We followed the cooking instructions and all our guests loved the quality and taste. It made for a memorable occasion and I believe many of our guests will look to Cape Porpoise Lobster Company for their own events. All around A+!!!
    Cape Porpoise Lobster Co
    Hello Andrea, Thank you for this great review! We are glad to hear you enjoyed our service!
  • June 15, 2020
    Cynthia T.
    We absolutely loved serving fresh smoked lobster tails to our guests! We live on top of a mountain in Southern Utah and we were so pleased the 24 hour overnight delivery made it to our front door as promised!!! Everyone raved about these lobster tails smoked on our Traeger!
    Cape Porpoise Lobster Co
    Hello Cynthia, Thank you for leaving us this great review ! We are so glad to hear you loved you fresh smoked lobster tails!
  • June 1, 2020
    Bao, N
    My family's experience with this business was unpleasant, and we hope other families will read this message before working with Cape Porpoise Lobster Company. Initially, we place an order for 40 lobsters; on the day of the event, only 20 arrive. The 20 that did come for our crucial engagement appeared fresh and cooked well. However, there were not enough lobsters for everyone. We were very embarrassed, and this experience cost us our integrity with our community. On the following business day, we received an email with an explanation of what happened and a refund of the missing lobsters. Included with this was also an apology that read," packer missed 20 lobsters, read order wrong sorry." After deciding this was not sufficient; we reached out to make a personal complaint. We spoke with a woman, whom we would later find out through interrogation because she was very apprehensive about revealing her identity, was named Wanda. Wanda implied this was not a big issue as she says, "it's an honest mistake. What do you want me to do, fire the guy [that missed counted the original order]?" Her apathy to our situation and her dismissiveness made us feel like we were not their ideal customer. With that knowledge, we decided to cut our losses and just share our experience online. We hope this will not happen to another famil., especially if they had a similar standard and expectation like we did for our party.
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Last week I ordered 2 lbs of dry sea scallops from you guys through I was kind of worried that i wouldn’t get them in time for my parents 40th anniversary dinner. I ordered them friday the 22nd of July and received them the very next day in the morning. Not only were they very well packed up, they hadn’t even been frozen. They were very cold and very fresh. Exactly what I wanted. I prepared Coquilles Saint-Jaques as an appetizer. We are huge sea food lovers and man were they delicious! Way to go guys, keep up the excellent service and quality!
Thank you,
Edouard Kreitmann
Dayton, Maryland

Dear Sir or Madam: My family and I just wanted you to know how excellent your lobster tails were. We enjoyed them New Year’s Eve and the taste was just unbelievable. There was a bit left (deliberately) so my husband and daughter could have brunch this a. m. of Eggs Benedict with lobster and all the trimmings. They said there were no words to describe how delicious it was. We have had many tails in the past but have always had difficultly with the flesh sticking to the shell. Perhaps this was because the tails were not fresh enough? In any event, we shall continue to order from you in the future because your lobster tails are absolutely the very finest.
Thank you!
Sincerely, Jeanne Wriedt

Thank you so much for your time today and walking me through your new website. I wanted to let you all know just how wonderful your lobster meat product is! My client has the ability to have anything thing they desire in this world, they have chosen me to be their chef and I have chosen your product for them. Your lobster meat and my recipe for Lobster Rolls were the hit of last years end of school party. Top on the list for this years party, you guessed it Lobster Rolls! I also order the rolls for the authentic experience! Your service is wonder, lobster meat was delicious and fresh, delivered to my location, on time and cold, all I have to do is make it look good on a roll! How hard is that! I look forward to many years of ordering and maybe someday I will get the chance to visit your location!
Best Regards,
Karen Docimo, CPC
Certificated Chef/Owner
Karen’s Chef du Jour PCS

We received our order this morning and were most impressed with the packaging of the Lobster and Crab Legs. Fresh looking and frozen hard. Great packing!Because of the scattering of our family by November 22, we enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving sometime in late October, and then on “Thanksgiving” my wife and I have a Sea Food Blow-out. We generally purchase from one of the local Super Markets, but this year we thought we would try something different. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. was found on the internet and ordered from. From what I see we ain’t telling the kids, neighbors, or any other relatives. Just kidding. We will have two of the lobster tail and some of the crab legs next Thursday. We plan on doing a couple of the legs on the grill. (Saw it done on one of the cooking shows). Anyway, one way or the other we will end up sharing sometime. Looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Bill Thode

I have eaten lobster in every fashion from broiled to boiled, baked stuffed, lobster rolls to lobster salad. I have eaten it in restaurants, in lobster-in-the-rough shacks from Cape Cod up through Maine. I have made it at home, boiled, steamed and broiled. Your lobster roll is the best lobster dish of any kind that I have ever had.
-Michael P. Weinstein, M.D.

You’ll find Cape Porpoise Lobster Company housed in a simple, shingled shack hanging halfway up over the head of the harbor. They’ll ship lobster for you anywhere, but you can’t beat a lobster roll right there. The pleasure is almost a guilty one, a delicacy enjoyed to a chorus of crying gulls
-Down East Magazine

Thank you so much for the wonderful Lobster! They arrived on time as promised, and everyone raved about how great the taste was – there was lot of “Mmmmm – this is SO good! I don’t think we’ve ever had Lobster this good.” Your service and product are spectacular! Thanks again for the above average and the extra attention you paid to making sure we got the lobster on time. When we order again, it will be from you!
-Renee Borson and Family

Dear Allen, My order arrived today (thanks to you and the great people at Cape porpoise!!!!!!) Now my husband can open it on Christmas Day! Thank you so very much for your efficient and courtesy help. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MANY MORE TO YOU AND ALL THE NICE PEOPLE AT CAPE PORPOISE!!!!

I recently returned home to Michigan from a trip out east. Cape Porpoise was the last stop on my tour and it was by far the best adding meaning to the phrase “save the best for last”. The food was great, the atmosphere relaxed and the service was friendly. I had a chance to speak with some of the lobstermen as they were returning to port with their catches of the day. What great stories to witness. I look forward to taking advantage of the services you provide over the Internet and would like to comment on the fine website you have established for yourselves. I look forward to returning to your beautiful state on future vacations!
-Darleen Sims

Thank you so much for the wonderful Lobster! They arrived on time as promised, and everyone raved about how great the taste was….there was a lot of Mmmmmmm-this is SO good! I dont think we’ve ever had Lobster this good!!”Your serviceand product are spectacular! Thanks again for the above average and the extra attention you paid to making sure we got the lobsters on time. When we order again, it will be from you!!
-Renee Borson and Family