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Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. has merged with Port Lobster Co.

How much lobster do I need?

Lobster Basics:
• A 1 ½ pound hard-shell lobster will yield about 1 1/3 cups of cooked meat and are large enough for dinner portion.
• A 2 lb. lobster or deuce is normally reserved for special occasions.
• A 3 lb. lobster is meant to impress or for the ultimate seafood lovers.
• 1 ¼ lb. lobsters are better for combinations such as surf and turf.
• 12 lbs of lobster meat would make enough rolls for 30 servings

Ordering Tips
• A 1 ½ lb Lobster is the most popular size ordered
• Serve Crab Claws and/or Clams as an appetizer to increase satiation prior to lobster
• Consider lobster tails for children as they are easier for them to consume

This calculator goes on the assumption that lobster is the only food item being served, that the live lobsters are 1 1/2 lb. Fresh Live Medium Lobsters, that the lobster meat is per lobster roll, that the lobster tails are 12/14 oz and that each hungry adult will be eating 1 1/3 cups of lobster (with adjustments for big and small eaters).