Lobster Dinners & Samplers

FREE Overnight shipping and lobster bibs is included on all of our dinner packages!

Our live Maine lobster is shipped in seaweed which helps them stay relaxed for their trip to your door. When ordering seafood for a group, consider purchasing a dinner or party pack. Our seafood packages are created to provide the perfect amount of seafood for a certain number of people. Our seafood specialists at Cape Porpoise Lobster Company have planned out the perfect sized meals for groups of people ranging from two to ten.

If you’re considering a romantic dinner for two, look at our Maine Lobster Dinner for 2. This dinner includes two 1.5 lb. fresh, live lobsters; 2 lbs. of soft shell steamer clams; and 1 lb. of cooked rock crab claws. This delicious meal is perfect for a couple as it provides an abundance of taste and variety. This is a great option for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Nothing says I love you like a couple of fresh Maine lobsters.

If your group consists of four people, you have a handful of options. Consider the Maine Lobster and Swordfish Dinner for 4: with four fresh, live, lobsters, 2 lbs. of soft shell steamer clams, and 2lbs. of swordfish, this package is a true feast for four. If swordfish isn’t your thing, consider substituting the swordfish with tuna steaks, with our Maine Lobster and Tuna Dinner for 4. Or, order your dinner for four with mouthwatering cooked crab claws instead!

You can’t go wrong with any of Cape Porpoise Lobster Company’s dinners for four. If you have a larger group in your party, enjoy one of our larger dinner packages. The reasonably priced Seafood Party Pack includes ten fresh, live lobsters, along with other delicious seafood. Or, go wild with one of our favorite dinner packages: the Seafood Sampler Variety Pack. Delight your palette with 1 lb. of each fresh lobster meat, shrimp meat, and cooked crab meat. In addition, revel in 2 lbs. of both soft shell steamer clams and rock crab claws.