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Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. has merged with Port Lobster Co.

Live Maine Lobster

Live Certified Maine Lobster™ fresh off our boats daily!

The authentic cold water crustacean. Ask for it by name.

If you’re looking for truly fresh Maine lobsters, you want live Maine lobsters. If you want live Maine lobsters, you want Cape Porpoise Lobster Company. Our whole, live, Maine lobsters are shipped overnight via air shipping.

These live lobsters are delivered in packs that can range from one lobster to fifteen.

Cape Porpoise Lobster Company determines its pricing based upon the weight of the lobster, which ensures that the customer gets exactly what he or she pays for—and not a pound less.

Our live Maine lobsters can range in weight from 1.25 pounds to 4 pounds.

Because of this variance, we weigh each group of lobsters to determine the most accurate and fair price. You’ll never overpay with Cape Porpoise Lobster Company. In addition, each lobster after the first is at a considerably cheaper price!

All prices of Cape Porpoise includes lobster shipping; overnight air shipping costs will never be tacked on at the end of an order.

Overnight lobster shipping is included in all orders to ensure that the lobsters arrive alive and healthy.

Cape Porpoise Lobster Company takes every precaution to guarantee that all lobsters are the freshest Maine lobsters you can find. For the most successful delivery, the individuals receiving the lobsters should be home and waiting for the package. It is not advisable to leave the lobsters out in any adverse weather such as heat, snow, or rain.

Heat can easily kill the lobsters that are used to cold water; rain or snow could damage the packaging.