3 Reasons to get Seafood Chowder for Your Next Party

The summer is almost over, school is starting back up and you’re probably glad that grad parties are over with! But, autumn brings about plenty of parties as well (Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving) and you might even host a party or two throughout the winter.


So, consider getting a nice big order of fresh seafood chowder for your next party for these reasons:


1 – Seafood is Classy – Let’s be honest, when you get seafood, you feel pampered. Whether it’s lobster, caviar or a nice clam chowder, people consider seafood to be of high standard and quality. So, impress your guests with lobster stew.


2 – Chowder is Easy to Serve – Lot’s of foods, even if prepared beforehand, require a lot of work to actually distribute. Chowder is pretty easy to serve to guests. Throw it in a pot, heat it up and add a ladle!


3 – Leftovers are Incredible – Some foods don’t really work as leftovers – not so with chowder. If all of your guests don’t finish off your lobster stew supply, you have a side course or a lunch meal for the next day (or more, depending on how much you have left!).