Foods that Help Keep Your Brain Sharp

healthy seafood dinnerWe all know we should eat healthy food to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. There are certain kinds of food that keep your heart strong, that lower cholesterol and that maintain strong bones. Did you know there are even foods that help nourish your brain and keep your memory sharp?

There are certain kinds of food – that you probably incorporate into your diet already – that help boost brainpower. According to articles published by U.S. News and BBC Good Food, the following are brain enhancing foods that can keep your memory sharp, improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of memory-related diseases like dementia.

Quality Carbs

We’re so quick to categorize pasta and breads as carbohydrates, but would you ever include fruits and vegetables in the same food group? Most likely not, but fruits and non-starchy vegetables are actually considered carbohydrates! And they’re good for your brain.


Incorporating seafood like lobster and fish that are rich in EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce your risk for dementia and improve brain health. The best part about fish is that it adds a great deal of protein to your diet that contains less saturated fat than what is found in red or processed meats.

Daily Dose of Produce

We’re going back to fruits and vegetables, but that’s just because they pack so many healthful brain-boosting nutrients and antioxidants! Broccoli for example, is packed with vitamin K which is known to boost brain sharpness and cognitive function. Next time you’re whipping up a seafood dinner, be sure to choose a recipe that incorporates fruits and veggies as well for an extra boost of nutrition.

Other brain-boosting snacks you can try include tomatoes, blueberries, whole grains, red peppers and pumpkin seeds. To keep your brain sharp and your belly full, place an order with Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. to get all the fresh seafood you are craving!