Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Lobster: Which Is Best?

Just as there’s cold water and warm water lobster, there are lobsters with hard shells and soft shells. If you’re a first-time lobster buyer, then, you may be wondering, which one is best? Overall, hard shell lobsters are the best to buy, and below we’ll explain why that’s the case.

About Soft Shell LobstersHard Shell vs. Soft Shell Lobsters

Lobsters molt about once or twice a year (though lobsters living in colder waters can go two years without molting). A soft shell lobster is a lobster who has just recently shed their shell. They are typically weak and fragile in this state, meaning they cannot be shipped without potential injury or death. They also produce roughly 10% less meat than a hard shell lobster, and the meat that is there is often too delicate to grill.

Why You Should Buy Hard Shell Lobsters

Hard shell lobsters are those that have fully grown shells. They produce more meat, plus that meat is firmer with a better texture. As a result, they’re far easier to ship, often shipping overnight in great condition. Hard shell lobsters can also be cooked any way you want—on the grill, in an oven, or in an air fryer.

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