Welcome to Cape Porpoise Lobster Co.’s Blog

Welcome to Cape Porpoise Lobster Company’s blog! You are either here because you love lobster or because you want to love it… or maybe you just stumbled on our site by accident. No matter the case, you will love fresh Maine lobster if you give it a shot!

The American lobster resides in northern Atlantic waters, along the coast of Canada and the United States. This distinct lobster species offers an incredible white meat that no other animal can claim. A true distinction that anyone would note is the American lobster’s two large claws, which no other lobster can really match. Even the beautiful European lobster does not come quite close to the American lobster because they only have one large claw (the other claw is smaller).

Of course, you probably don’t care too much about the differences between lobster species—you want to know how they taste! But, how can one describe a taste? It’s not too easy to do! You really just have to try lobster to see what all the fuss is about!

And that’s what Cape Porpoise Lobster Company is all about—spreading the love of this incredible seafood. So, make sure to try it. We distribute lobsters from a small village in Kennebunkport Maine, from local fishermen. We then process all of the lobsters in our own plant, ensuring that each lobster meets our strict quality standards. This, in turn, ensures that each customer receives the perfect lobsters for the perfect dish! Keep in mind that we also distribute shellfish, crab and salmon fillets!

So, keep checking into our blog for updates on the world of lobster fishing and look through our site to see which products you want for your next dinner!