How Long to Boil Lobster?

Tips for Boiling LobsterWhen you order fresh live Maine lobster straight to your door from Cape Porpoise Lobster Co., you’re bound to have a delicious meal.

However, we’re often asked: just how long should I boil that lobster? Here’s a handy guide:

A single pound of lobster should take about eight minutes. Two pounds will need about 15 minutes to boil, and a large meal of five pounds of lobster will need 35 to 40 minutes. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. makes things easy with a handy chart that tells you how long to cook your lobster, including fractions of pounds. Make sure to start the timer as soon as you close the lid of your pot.

Ever thought your lobster was done boiling only to discover it was still undercooked? While cooked lobsters do turn bright red, that’s not the best sign your lobster is done. To check for doneness, crack a lobster open where the carapace and the tail meet. If it’s done, the meat will be completely white rather than translucent.

Regardless of how much lobster you’re cooking, make sure the pot you choose is large enough. When there are too many lobsters in one pot, the heat doesn’t circulate evenly. On average, a 4- or 5-gallon pot can handle 6 to 8 pounds of lobster.

Now that you know how to long to boil your lobster, it’s time to place your order and get cooking. Call Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. at 1-800-967-4268 to get fresh Maine lobster delivered straight to your home in 24 hours or less!