Must-Have Seafood Tools for Your Kitchen

Seafood Tools Do you love cooking with fresh Maine lobster and other seafood as much as we do? If so, may we suggest some must-have seafood tools for your kitchen? Before you know it, you’ll be wondering how you ever cooked or served seafood without them!

Must-Have Seafood Tool #1: Seafood scissors

In order to get to the meat in your lobster’s claws, you’ll need a pair of seafood scissors. This tool is preferable to a seafood cracker, which can leave unwanted shell particles in the meat.

Must-Have Seafood Tool #2: Butter warmers

Hot butter is the perfect accompaniment for just about any type of seafood. Make sure you and your guests always have perfectly melted butter by setting butter warmers at each place setting.

Must-Have Seafood Tool #3: Shrimp deveiner

Before you can enjoy shrimp cocktail, popcorn shrimp or any other favorite dish, you’ll need to clean and devein your shrimp with this handy tool.

Must-Have Seafood Tool #4: Clam and oyster knife

Opening your favorite shellfish will be a snap when you have the proper tool.

Must-Have Seafood Tool #5: Seafood steamer

One of the most common mistakes when cooking seafood is to place it in a pot that’s too small. These specially designed pots are large enough to properly steam lobster and any other seafood delight.

Must-Have Seafood Tool #6: Tongs

You’ll need a good pair of tongs to remove your seafood from its seafood steamer.

So, you’ve got the tools, and now it’s time to get some fresh Maine lobster! Call Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. at 1-800-967-4268 today to get real Maine lobster and other delicious seafood at your door in 24 hours or less. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest discounts on all of our products!