Pairing Mussels and Belgian Beer for Dinner

musselsWe recently discussed the possibility of pairing lobster and beer, and the flavorful response got us thinking about other seafood and beer combinations you can try. As we started researching, one recipe that kept popping up was Moules Fromage Bleu. And if you are a fan of Belgian beer, this simple yet decadent dinner option is the perfect one to whip up.

A traditional French dish that translates to bleu cheese mussels in English, it is fairly simple to make and great for enjoying with a cold craft beer. Whether you are planning a romantic night in with your partner or a dinner party with friends, this recipe will do the trick in wowing your companions’ taste buds.

Simmered in a pot with bacon, shallots, white wine and lemon juice, the mussels should be steamed until they start to open. Once this happens, it’s time to toss in the bleu cheese, allowing it to melt into the rich broth. Finally, baby spinach can be added when the mussels are completely open.

Topped with some extra cheese, a side of crusty French bread and your favorite beer, this dish is one that will wow family members and guests alike. View the complete recipe here.

Now that you are ready for your next seafood and brew pairing, all that’s left to do is pick up your favorite Belgian beer and order your fresh Maine blue mussels. Available at Cape Porpoise Lobster Co., you can place your order for mussels online or by phone at 800-967-4268.