The Three Main Types of Cold-Water Lobster

Lobsters have evolved to survive both warm climates and cold climates, but it is cold-water lobsters that we are most familiar with. These are the lobsters that show up in our local grocery stores and markets. However, not all cold-water lobsters are the same. While very similar, these lobsters can vary in size, taste, and more depending on where in the Atlantic Ocean they live.

Maine Lobstersfresh cold-water lobster

Considered the best lobsters available, Maine lobsters are favored due to their juicy, rich meat. It is hard to beat the flavor and quality of Maine lobster, even for other cold-water lobsters. Their meat—which can be found on their claws and tails—is tender with a pronounced flavor that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, they can be caught year-round, although their peak time is from June to December.

Canadian Lobsters

Canadian lobsters are similar to their Maine cousins, but live in the much colder and harsher climate of Canada’s eastern coast. Due to this colder climate, their shells are harder and tougher, making their meat less sweet and dense. However, they are valued for their claw meat. You can find Canadian lobsters from October to January and June to July.

French Blue Lobsters

We often think all lobsters have their distinct red hue. However, the lobsters found off the coast of France’s Brittany region feature a unique blue shell that will eventually turn red upon cooking. Since they live in shallower waters, French blue lobsters have firm and salty meat. They can also be found off the coast of Ireland or Scotland.

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