Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for 2017

If you didn’t get some of the kitTop Kitchen Gadgets of 2017 chen gadgets you desired for Christmas this year, we have compiled a list of gadgets that will make you forget all of about them. Below are some of the hottest kitchen gadgets and products on the market.

The Anova One Bluetooth Precision Cooker

The “sous vide” method of cooking has becoming increasingly popular in the past few years and gadgets can help us cook sous vide at home. Sous vide is when you cook food through temperature-controlled water. It allows you to cook meat and seafood at the exact temperature it should be cooked at. The vacuum-seal prevents moisture from escaping and the food will hold in the water without getting overcooked for hours. The Anova One Bluetooth Precision Cooker is roughly $150.00 and can be controlled from your smartphone allowing you to start cooking dinner from anywhere.

The Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet

People that spend a lot of time cooking, both in the kitchen and over the campfire, often express how much they prefer cast iron appliances. If you are itching to grill a steak but don’t want to pull out the grill in the middle of winter, a cast iron skillet will help you cook a steak that will meet your personal preferences from right inside of your home with minimal smoke. The Lodge Classic Iron Skillet is perfect for inside or outside meals. It has received many praises for heating evenly, making it ideal for large cuts of meat.  At just under $40.00, you can cook fresh steaks from the comfort of your own home.

Bear Paws

Although the name of this item can be a bit off-putting, this gadget is a practical and unique gift for the person that is always offering to host those summer barbecues. “Bear Paws” are perfect for handling hot meats right off of the barbecue. They can help you shred and pick up the pork when it is piping hot in order to prevent you from burning your hands or waiting for it to completely cool. This product is just $13.00, making it affordable and well worth the splurge.

Thermapen Mk4

Although many of us have some type of meat thermometer sitting around, most of us don’t have one as impressive or accurate as the Thermapen Mk4. You should not have to guess if your meat is cooked completely through. This digital thermometer can give you an accurate reading of your meat if in just two to three seconds. It can go as low as -58 degrees or as high as 572 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to ensure that your meat is always the temperature it needs to be. For just under $90.00, you can purchase the world’s best (in speed and accuracy) digital meat thermometer in almost any color.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Although the main function of a fridge and freezer is to keep your food cold, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is capable of much more. Although it is over $5,500, the smart fridge has a built-in touch screen stocked with apps, as well as an ingredient-tracking fridge camera. If you find yourself at the grocery store wondering if you are really almost out of ketchup, you can check the camera in your fridge from your smart phone and know for sure. The touch screen can also pull up a calendar, notes, photos, and music. It is essentially a mobile phone attached to your fridge, and although it’s expensive, it’s pretty incredible.

Signature Kitchen Suite

This 30-inch gas range, Signature Kitchen Suite, has the option to function on WiFi allowing you to connect your oven to your WiFi. This connection allows you to control your oven from your smartphone. You can preheat your oven on your way home, turn a burner on or off, or report an issue to a service center. You can start preheating the oven when you leave for work and it will be ready for you to use when you walk in the door. If you leave for the day and you’re paranoid that you might not have turned the oven off, you can check from your phone for a priceless peace of mind.

Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

If you are doing your best to eat healthy, which most of us typically are, purchasing some sort of steamer can be a great long-term investment for you and for your well-being. Steaming food is a great way to heat up and prepare food. Steaming food doesn’t require you to add any fat and it keeps the majority of nutrients in your food where boiling does not. The Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer is great because you can steam two different types of food at once. The digital touchpad makes it simple to use and it will switch to warm when your food is ready to prevent it from overheating.

With each passing year, kitchen gadgets become more focused on technology as many of these new products are. However, sometimes standard gadgets are simply improved upon.

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