What are Littleneck Clams?

Steamed Littleneck ClamsSeptember is here and Cape Porpoise Lobster Company is celebrating the entrance of fall with one of our favorite Maine mollusks: The littleneck clam! The coast of Maine is home to a variety of tasty seafood options, from crustaceans to mollusks. But what is does the phrase “littleneck clam” mean?

Referred to by different names depending on their size, the littleneck is one size of the clam species Mercenaria mercenaria. Found in muddy, sandy areas of the Atlantic floor, this clam has a hard shell and includes a few names you may have heard before. Quahogs, topnecks and countnecks are some of the other common sizes of the species. The larger these creatures get, the tougher and chewier their texture becomes, making them better for using in chowders and for stuffed clams.

Littleneck is the name given to the smallest of these hard clams and they are perfect for grilling, steaming and eating raw. One pound of these mollusks typically yields seven to 10 clams. Pair them with lemon or cocktail sauce for an appetizer or steam them with potatoes and onions for a delectable fall meal. View the recipe here.

Looking for a larger size clam for your next clambake? Softshell steamer clams are the perfect size! Or, make dinner easy as the weather grows cool and order our already prepared clam chowder.

Visit us online or call us at 1-800-967-4268 and order a batch of littleneck clams using the coupon code CLAMS15 for 10 percent off this succulent treat. With overnight shipping included, this live seafood will be at your door in time for tomorrow’s dinner!