What Wine Goes Best With Seafood From Maine? [Infographic]

Seafood and wine go great together.  There’s not a better combination for a romantic dinner on the Maine coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or in a local quaint restaurant with someone special in your life. For many though, figuring out what type of wine goes with seafood, or lobster in particular, can be a difficult task.  What if you’re attending a party and shrimp cocktails are being served as an hors d’oeuvre? Should you grab a glass of wine with it? To avoid the risk of looking naïve, you should have an idea of what types of wine pair with specific types of seafood.


On top of impressing a date, loved one, friends or co-workers, the right wine pairing will only add to the overall taste and appeal of the meal.  Together they create a delectable duo pleasing the taste buds and other senses.  Who doesn’t want that?


Below is a list of recommended wines to pair with a bottle or glass of wine.  Check out our lobster, shrimp and crab deals for fresh Maine seafood.  We bring our options directly to you, fresh from the ocean.  Once you receive it, grab a bottle of wine for a great meal and evening.



Seafood and Wine: Recommended Pairings

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