3 Maine Lobster Comfort Foods For Cold Weather

It’s that time of year again. The sky is getting darker and the days are getting shorter. No one wants to admit it, but fall and winter are right around the corner. While eating lobster often goes hand-in-hand with summertime bakes and boils, there’s no good reason not to enjoy it year-round. Embrace the cold weather by hibernating inside and enjoying these old home-style favorites with a Maine lobster twist.

Lobster Stewlobster stew in bowl on table

While you can really add lobster to any stew or use it as a substitute for the meat in an existing recipe, there is a traditional way of making a base for lobster stew. It is also quite simple to make. Just cook the lobster in butter until it turns a pinkish color, then add cream slowly until you’ve got a good base. Then you can enjoy it as is or add vegetables and other additional ingredients of your own choosing. Stew is always great for warming up after a long day of cold weather.

Follow this recipe for some delicious lobster stew!

Lobster Pot Pie

The pot pie is as classic an American food as any, so why not try it with delicious Maine lobster? There are three essential parts to a pot pie: the meat and vegetables, the sauce, and the crust. You’ll need to cook the lobster, combine it will vegetables, and pour a sauce made with stock, cream and other ingredients on top. Fill the crust with the mixture, pop it in the oven, and voila, a delicious lobster pot pie to bring you right back to Grandma’s kitchen.

Here is one of our favorite lobster pot pie recipes.

Lobster Chili

Chili is the ultimate cold weather food, providing warmth, nutrition, and delicious wholesome goodness all at once. Lobster chili can be made much the same way as other chili, with tomato paste, chili powder, kidney beans, and spices. Sometimes, fish stock can be used to give it the appropriate flavor. Lobster chili is especially good for when you have some extra lobster meat left over after a big feast.

Follow along with this recipe for some delicious lobster chili. 

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