Here Comes “Santa Claws”

Ideally, your live Maine lobsters should be cooked and prepared the same day that you receive them from Cape Porpoise Lobster. However it is possible to keep these delicious creatures alive and fresh for up to 48 hours after delivery. Cooked dead lobster is slimy and will lack the flavor that you were anticipating. Ensure that your lobster delivery stays fresh by taking advantage of the tips below.


Do This:


    • – Wrap your live Maine lobsters in damp newspaper or  towels


    • – Alternate lobsters head to tail when storing in a group


    • – Check the newspaper every 6-8 hours to ensure that the lobsters remain damp


    • – Store on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator (34-36 degrees)


    • – Cook any lobsters that are slow and weak immediately


    • – Inspect each lobster and if you spot any light-colored gel, the lobster might be damaged


  • – If you’re unsure if a lobster is alive, hold it in the air to check that its tail moves up and down


Don’t Do This:


        • – Remove the bands around the lobster claws


        • – Store your live lobsters on ice or in tap water


        • – Handle the lobsters by their claws


        • – Place the lobsters in air tight containers that could suffocate them


        • – Store lobsters in your freezer (this unfit temperature will weaken the lobsters)


      • – Leave the carton of lobsters by heat or sunlight