How to Pick the Right Size Lobster

Choosing the right lobster sizeThere’s nothing more exciting than sitting down with family or friends for a delicious lobster feast. However, there’s also nothing worse than clearing your plate and still feeling hungry, or leaving untouched lobster meat on your plate because your eyes were bigger than your stomach. So how do you choose the right size to purchase?

Next time you go out to purchase lobster, follow some of these simple guidelines.

To Each His Own

While it may be tempting to share, ideally, each person should have their own individual lobster. This is for two reasons. For one, larger lobsters will weigh more with a larger percentage of meat, so they will also cost more. Secondly, each person should get to enjoy every part of their lobster. Everyone likes their own portion so why rob them of the opportunity to enjoy themselves?

Choose the Lobster Size Based on Appetite

It may seem obvious, but many people forget that they should buy their lobster based on how many pounds they realistically think they can eat. Those with a smaller appetite should try what is considered a half lobster. No, these are not lobsters that are cut in half; instead, they are whole lobsters that usually weigh about one and a half pounds.

Average eaters would be smart to purchase a two-pound lobster, also known as a deuce. This hefty lobster will suit the average eater while also being great for special occasions. They are a little costlier but well worth it.

Those with a big appetite would be thrilled to sit down with a jumbo lobster. Clocking in at three pounds or heavier, these lobsters are considered to be a truly indulgent meal and are great for fun occasions like a Father’s Day feast. Here at Cape Porpoise, we have some of the largest lobsters Maine has to offer!

Other Lobster Considerations

If you are planning to eat lobster in a different way, such as in lobster rolls, scampi, or lobster mac and cheese, save money by purchasing fresh cooked lobster meat without the shells. If you aren’t focused on presentation, you can buy culls to save even more on your meal cost.

At Cape Porpoise Lobster Co., we offer the most delicious live Maine lobster that you can find, and we offer it at great prices. Call us today at 1-800-967-4268 to learn more!