Why We Really Boil Lobsters Alive

Fresh Maine LobsterIt’s one of the questions we get often: why do we have to boil lobsters alive? People love to eat fresh Maine lobster—but not everyone likes to see, or hear, the crustaceans be prepared for our consumption.

But what if we told you that boiling is, in fact, the safest way to eat lobster for our own health?

Let’s say we don’t boil the lobster, and kill them like any other fish. Chances are, within hours, their decaying bodies will be preyed on by the Vibrio bacteria, a nasty microbe that causes severe food poisoning in humans. So now, you’ve eaten the lobster, and you’re not feeling too good—cramping, vomiting, fever, and chills, which can sometimes be fatal.

Well, you might ask: why don’t we just boil the lobster right before we serve it? Turns out, once the bacteria gets into the decaying lobster meat, it’s nearly impossible to get out, even by boiling it. So it makes the most sense to keep the lobster alive until the very last moment—which is why you see it in window cases filled with water in restaurants everywhere.

There’s also an ethical case to be made. Lobsters, experts say, are not like chickens or pigs, which you’d never boil because they are more conscious. Lobsters’ nerve systems may not actually be able to register pain, or know what pain is.

That is why here at Cape Porpoise Lobster Co., we ensure that we’re serving the freshest Maine lobster around, and we do it in a way that respects the creature’s way of life. We love lobsters as much as you do, and know that they are considered amongst many experts to be a healthy addition to any diet. So we strive to take care of both of our customers, and lobsters. If you have any questions about our fresh Maine lobsters, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 1-800-967-4268!