The Health Benefits of Seafood

A plate of lobster, salmon, crab, or other types of seafood are more than just a delicious meal. They’re also a healthy one. Packed with nutrients and fatty acids, seafood is among the healthiest foods on the planet. Here are just some of the many health benefits you’ll find from eating seafood on a regular basis:

It’s high in essential nutrientsThe Health Benefits of Seafood

Perhaps the most cited reason as for why seafood is so healthy for you is that it has a high concentration of essential nutrients. These include proteins, iodine, vitamin D, and so on and so forth. Yet, the most important of those nutrients is omega-3 fatty acids. Fish are stock full of omega-3, which is a crucial nutrient for our health. An increase intake of omega-3 can improve eye health, mental health, heart health, and more.

Seafood promotes heart health

As we said, seafood contains many essential nutrients, especially omega-3 which is linked to improve heart health. As such, by eating more seafood, studies have shown that you can reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event.

It can protect your mental health

There is currently a mental health crisis occurring in the modern age. This crisis has only been worsened by the recent coronavirus pandemic. While seafood certainly can’t cure a mental illness, it can help relieve symptoms. Seafood has omega-3 fatty acids which can act as an effective anti-depressant. As such, incorporating more seafood into your diet could help alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression.

It can also promote brain health

In addition to heart health, eye health, and mental health, seafood can also promote brain health. This is especially true for individuals suffering from age-related mental decline, such dementia or Alzheimer’s. Some observational studies have shown that individuals suffering from cognitive decline can slow the rate of decline by eating more fish.

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