This Year’s World Record Lobsters

happy lobsterA delectable, gourmet treat, lobster is our specialty here in Maine. Over the course of the past year, individuals across the globe have displayed their love of this red crustacean, breaking and creating unique world records! From right here in Maine to across the globe in China, check out these seafood-themed victories.

Largest Crustacean Sculpture

The Hubei China Lion Ecological Lobster City Co., Ltd unveiled the world’s largest crustacean sculpture on June 13, 2015. The statue stands just over 62 feet tall and wears a bow tie. It can be found in Qianjiang, China.

Longest Lobster Roll

Over 79 feet long, the world’s longest lobster roll was created this year by chefs in Charlottetown, Canada for the Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival. Stuffed with 34 kilograms of lobster meat, this delicious treat had to be carried by 32 lobster fisherman to get to the main tent of the event!

Fastest Marathon Runner Dressed as a Crustacean

Yes, this is a real Guinness World Record! Giles Lock ran the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon in a pink lobster suit on April 26, 2015. The run took him 3 hours, 34 minutes and 22 seconds, making him the speediest crustacean around.

Giant Chocolate Lobster

Right here in Maine, Haven’s Candies of Westbrook created an enormous milk chocolate lobster to celebrate 100 years in business. The crustacean weights 418.1 pounds and is 90.5 inches in length. Named Shelby, the lobster is in the running for the World’s Largest Chocolate Sculpture and will be on display in Haven’s Candies store until October 22, 2015.

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