Seafood & Wine: The Best Wine to Pair with Seafood

Every seafood dinner is made better when enjoyed with a cold glass of your finest wine. No matter if you’re preparing lobster tails or spicy lobster pasta, the right wine can wonderfully complement your meal’s flavors. However, the type of wine you choose will depend on the type of seafood and meal you’re eating. Here, we detail which wines you can pair with which seafood, and we’ll do a deeper dive into lobster, which is our specialty.

Seafood and Wine PairingsLobster & Wine: The Best Wine to Pair with Lobster


Compliment and smooth the crisp acidity of shrimp with brut sparkling wine. This white wine option cleanses the palate, making each bite a new experience! For the popular buttery, lemony shrimp scampi, we recommend a dry pinot grigio as well.


A crustacean that can be paired with a variety of white wines, we love Champagne with crab cakes. This bubbly number is great with both the fried exterior and sweet interior of the dish. When choosing a white wine to match your dinner, look for a crisp number with hints of mineral instead of oak.


Great for hors d’oeuvres or dinner, sea scallops are a succulent option that taste best with a light, crisp wine like sauvignon blanc. The perfect counterpart to weight against a rich dish like scallops, this white wine tastes best chilled.

Lobster and Wine Pairings

White wine is the typical go-to for lobster, but which type of white wine is best? Here we provide the answers:  


Chardonnay is, without a doubt, the top choice amongst culinary experts to pair with lobster. Known for its citrusy and buttery flavors, Chardonnay blends well with many creamy lobster recipes. It’s high in acidity and has a light, fresh texture that can balance out lobster’s rich, white meat.  


While Chardonnay is the most popular wine to pair with lobster, it is not the only choice. A glass of Riesling can wonderfully complement your lobster dish. With its fruity, floral tastes, Riesling is an ideal companion to lobster meat’s sweet flavor. This type of wine is best paired with baked or broiled lobster, though it can also be mixed with spicier lobster recipes.  

Sauvignon Blanc  

Crispy and herbaceous, the Sauvignon Blanc can be a breath of fresh air to any lobster dinner. While many describe this wine as “grassy,” it also carries with it hints of citrus that goes well with many boiled or steamed lobster dishes. It’s highly acidic, but has low amounts of sugar, making it a healthier option than other types of wine.  


While people usually pair lobster with a glass of white wine, you don’t always have to stick to this rule. Rosé has become an increasingly popular, if slightly unusual, wine choice for lobster. Many people are now pairing it with BBQ dishes or other smoky meals. We recommend sticking with a dry Rosé to better complement the flavors of the lobster.   

All in all, there are many excellent wine choices available for your next lobster dinner. Nevertheless, you can’t have a lobster dinner without the lobster. At Cape Porpoise Lobster Co., we provide delicious, Maine lobster that can be delivered to your door in just 24 hours. Call 1-800-967-4268 to place your order today!