Pescatarian Diet 101: What It Is and How to Follow It

Pescatarian Diet 101

Vegetarians avoid fish and meat, vegans eat no animal products what-so-ever, but what about pescatarians?  While lesser known, pescatarians eat a special diet that differs just slightly from vegetarians and vegans. How? Pescatarians eat a plant-based diet, but they also eat fish and seafood. Read on to learn more: What is a pescatarian? Pescatarians have… Read more »

Lobster Recipes For Your Next Summer Get-Together

Lobster Recipes for Your Next Summer Get-Together

The world is slowly re-opening after a year of COVID-19 lockdowns. That means you can safely gather around the picnic table with your family once more! If you’re planning a summer family get-together after a whole year apart, you’re going to want mouth-watering dishes to serve. Below are some of our favorite lobster recipes for… Read more »

How To Eat Maine Lobster

How to Eat Lobster

Although lobster is an enjoyable delicacy for many, the process of eating one can be less than favorable, especially if you don’t know how! Even if someone has enjoyed lobster, it doesn’t always mean the process went smoothly. Many people haphazardly work their way through eating a lobster, which can take away from the enjoyment… Read more »

Crustaceans vs. Mollusks

Crustaceans vs. Mollusks

From a lobster bisque appetizer to a seafood crème brûlée dessert, shellfish can be a delectable star of any dish. But not all shellfish are the same. In fact, there are two main categories of shellfish: crustaceans and mollusks. Here we explain the main differences between these two types of shellfish to help you better… Read more »

How to Grill Lobster

How to Grill Lobster

With the temperatures slowly rising, it’ll soon become time to dust off the old grill in your backyard. While you could make the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, why not change things up with some grilled lobster? Grilling a lobster is easier than you think, and it’ll give you and your family a tasty, unique… Read more »

Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Lobster: Which Is Best?

Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Lobsters

Just as there’s cold water and warm water lobster, there are lobsters with hard shells and soft shells. If you’re a first-time lobster buyer, then, you may be wondering, which one is best? Overall, hard shell lobsters are the best to buy, and below we’ll explain why that’s the case. About Soft Shell Lobsters Lobsters… Read more »

How Climate Change is Affecting the Lobster Population (And What We Can Do About It)


Humans have farmed New England lobsters for generations. We’ve harvested lobsters commercially since the 1800s, and the first recorded catch occurred in 1605, but it’s safe to say we’ve been fishing in the Gulf of Maine for much longer than that. And yet, one thing threatens this generational practice: climate change. Big or small, warming… Read more »

Warm-Water vs. Cold-Water Lobster


Not all lobster is created equal. Some enjoy swimming in the brisk, cold waters of Maine; others, meanwhile, will be found riding the warm waves of the Southern Hemisphere. However, the differences between warm-water and cold-water lobster include more than just where they live—it also includes their looks and tastes. Warm-Water Lobster Warm-water lobsters reside… Read more »

The Best Seafood Recipes for a Football Game

The Best Seafood Recipes for Football Games

The NFL Playoffs are upon us. As we’re rooting for our teams (or crying over their losses), we’re also stuffing our faces full of food. Instead of turning to the typical chips and dip, why not spice it up a bit? While seafood doesn’t first come to mind, it is still a great dish all… Read more »

Lobster and the Keto Diet: Is Lobster Keto-Friendly?

Lobster and the Keto Diet: Is Lobster Keto-Friendly?

The ketogenic diet (or simply keto diet, for short) is all the rage. With promises to help you lose weight and even stave off diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, it’s no wonder why so many are hopping aboard the keto train. But can you eat your favorite lobster dish while you’re on the keto… Read more »