Lobster Recipes For Your Next Summer Get-Together

Are you sick of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers? Bored of the same old pasta salads that everyone tends to bring to every summer get-together? Looking for something full of flavor and a bit different?
Take a look at these mouth- wateringly good lobster recipes and grace your table this summer!

Grace your Labor Day picnic with one of these mouth- wateringly delicious lobster recipes:

Lobster Dip

We love this recipe because of its rich taste of fresh lobster and cheese with hints of garlic and Sriracha.

Serve it with warm, toasted chunks of bread or crackers and you’ll have the perfect d’oeuvre in no time!

If you are headed to a cookout, make this deliciously creamy dip; just be sure to taste a little beforehand because it will go fast once it’s out on the appetizer table.

Lobster BLT

A meal that is entirely too easy to make, lobster BLTs make a great lunch for your Labor Day picnic.

Grab a lobster tail, coat the lobster with butter and garlic clove, then cook the lobster for four to five minutes. Now assemble the BLT’s and have fun combining the mayo, toast, lettuce, tomato and bacon with your lobster tail.

Lobster Salad

A far cry from the pasta salads that usually appear at summer picnics, lobster salad is a gourmet option that party-goers will love to add to their dinner plates.

The mayonnaise based pasta compliments the lobster meat without overwhelming it, and the lemon flavor adds zest! Click here to view the recipe in full.

When preparing for these fun summer lobster recipes, make sure you purchase quality seafood. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. is the best of the best when you are looking for lobster fresh from the coast of Maine.

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What is Causing the Lobster Boom in Maine?

Today, Maine is faced with a groundbreaking overload of lobsters possibly due to anthropogenic change, climate change and fishing industry preference.Good times are happening right now in Maine if you’re a lobster lover. Today, Maine is faced with a groundbreaking overload of lobsters but it wasn’t always so and it may be different tomorrow. Lobster culture has become a way of life on the coast of Maine; in fact Maine now produces 80 percent of American- caught lobster, according to Bloomberg View, and more than seven times the average take in a pre-2000 year.

Let’s take a look at what could be causing this lobster boom:

Anthropogenic change

Although the factors are hard to determine, it’s clear that we’re eating more cod, which is one of lobster’s main predators. More lobsters have the time to grow and reach a catchable age because cod stocks are falling and people are overfishing. Lobsters wander among the seabed with freedom which makes them easier for humans to spot and catch.

The ocean is warming

The warming temperatures of the water have also improved lobster survival rates. Within Maine, the sweet spot for lobstering has moved from the state’s southern coast to the cooler northeast.

Waiting for the perfect size

Fishermen like not catching lobsters under or over a certain size and also not catching egg-bearing females. This adds to the equation and the lobster boom we are seeing.

It’s almost as if we have pulled apart the food web, heated up the water and re-rigged the lobster population’s structure. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this overload population of lobsters, but in the meantime we will continue delivering quality seafood right to your door. Now that you’re craving mouthwatering seafood, order some fresh Maine lobster from us and get cooking!

Freshen Up Your Spring Menu with Seafood

Freshen Up Your Spring Menu with Seafood Spring is the perfect season to mix up your menu, and here at Cape Porpoise Lobster, we think the best way to do so is to add in some delicious seafood recipes

Grilled Lobster Rolls

With the right amount of Dijon mustard and a bit of tarragon, lobster rolls can be a delicious, easy to make dinner that doesn’t have a ton of calories. This grilled lobster rolls recipe is full of snow peas, celery, fresh lime juice, shallot, and more.

Maine Blueberry and Lobster Salad

This dish is packed with superfoods, from green fresh salad leaves to beautiful blueberries. This dish is both light and yummy, packed with antioxidants. All you need is olive oil, white wine vinegar, lettuce, blueberries, red onion, and lobster meat plus toasted fresh almonds for an added crunch. This salad can be whipped up in just a few minutes.

Lobster, Avocado and Feta Salad

Avocado is a staple spring food, and when paired with lobster, gets even better.  This lobster salad recipe calls for lettuce, avocado, bell pepper, feta cheese, olives, lemon juice, and olive oil. However, the main ingredient of course, is lobster meat. This is a salad variation complete with a little kick and is sure to be a crowd pleaser when entertaining.

Littleneck Clams with Potatoes

This littleneck clams with new potatoes recipe is perfect for a cold spring evening when you need something a little heartier. To create this, you’ll need Spanish chorizo, tons of new potatoes, spring onions or scallions, garlic, white wine, littleneck clams, and toasted bread. Add olive oil and you’ve got a perfect spring seafood dish.

Visit Cape Porpoise Lobster to meet all of your seafood desires this spring.

Looking Ahead to Your Mother’s Day Meal

Looking Ahead to Your Mother’s Day MealYou probably don’t recall keeping your mother up for countless nights or giving her your cold the night before a big meeting, but she certainly does and she’s never held it against you. Few people love us as much as our mothers do. With that being said, it’s only fair that she gets a day completely dedicated to her.

As Mother’s Day approaches, consider making your beloved mom a seafood meal she’ll love. (Trust us; it’ll beat the gift certificate you’ve been thinking about instead)

Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque is a decadent and irresistibly rich soup. As the author of this specific recipe puts it, “This bisque is the best chance for a home cook to shine.” Serve it with some warm butter rolls and your mother might have a hard time denying that you’re her favorite child.

Easy Lobster Scampi with Linguini

You might not be able to afford to take your mom to Italy, but this lobster scampi linguini dish will transport her to a villa on the seaside of Italy in no time. Seafood scampi contains a perfect blend of rich, tangy flavors when paired with fresh, succulent lobster meat.

Steamed Lobster with Lemon Thyme Butter

Steaming lobster is ideal for highlighting the flavor and texture of the meat. This steamed lobster with lemon thyme butter is sure to showcase lobster in the best possible way, showcasing all the flavors. It is definitely a recipe that will have the whole family stirring in flavor-epiphany.

Creamy Lobster Risotto

This creamy lobster risotto can be a challenging dish to make but well worth the effort. It’s important to pay attention to the rice cooking process while making this recipe, otherwise your risotto might end up sticky. The fluffy rice pairs well with the savory tomatoes to provide a rich, silky taste.

Hoping to make a seafood dish that will show your mother you are thankful for her constant efforts? Visit Cape Porpoise Lobster for fresh Maine lobster. Our fresh, healthy waters provide the highest quality seafood in the United States.

Irish Seafood Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day quickly apIrish Seafood Recipes for St. Patrick’s Dayproaching, it’s time to start planning the dinner menu and putting out your shamrocks.  Many Irish-themed dishes actually involve seafood, and the country does focus a lot of dishes around lobster, fish, and so forth.

Before you start preparing your standard mashed potatoes and corn beef, consider making some seafood dishes to spice up your St. Paddy’s Day menu.

Trio of Irish Seafood Crepes

This trio of crepes, consist of lobster, shrimp, and crab. They are soft and delicate but they pack a lot of flavor. These will give you and your guests an opportunity to sample several different seafood flavors within a fluffy crêpe.  However, be careful not to overbeat the batter.

Irish Smoked Salmon and Dubliner Cheese Muffins

These classic Irish muffins, filled with chopped smoked salmon and shredded Dubliner cheese, are guaranteed to be a hit. Whether you are hosting a brunch or serving breakfast to the family, these muffins pair well with any meal.

Lobster and Fennel Salad

If you are looking for a light salad or starter, this lobster and fennel salad is a great go-to. The lobster meat along with the tarragon dressing can be prepared the night before and refrigerated to save you some time.  This salad is crisp and pairs well with unoaked white wine.

Irish Scallop Bisque

For the majority of the country, March is a cold month. This Irish Scallop Bisque will warm up guests. This creamy bisque pair wells with a fresh baguette. It is a bit of an elegant dish but if you’re looking to impress with limited time, this recipe can be made in about 40 minutes.

Interested in making one of these dishes? Contact Cape Porpoise for fresh lobster and other quality seafood.

You’ll Spring for These Lobster Dishes

Spring is getting closer, and to celebrate, we found some of the best lobster spring roll recipes! Here in Maine, we like to celebrate the start of the spring season, or any season for that matter, with some delicious seafood recipes. Lobster spring rolls are light and refreshing, and there are plenty of different recipes available. You’ll Spring for These Lobster Dishes

Lobster Spring Rolls with a Citrus-Chili Dipping Sauce

Emeril Lagasse has a spring roll recipe for lobster spring rolls with a citrus-chili dipping sauce that is easy for anyone to prepare. The recipe calls for two one and a half pound lobsters, plenty of fresh minced ginger and garlic, fresh chopped cilantro, and a variety of other spices.

Blue Dragon’s Fresh Lobster Spring Rolls

If you’re looking for a fruit themed spring roll recipe, the Blue Dragon has a fresh lobster spring recipe that will likely meet your standards. This recipe calls for fresh mint leaves, shredded lettuce, fresh mango, and more. This dish does not need to be fried, making it an easy appetizer that takes minimal time but provides major flavor.

Watermelon’s Lobster Spring Rolls

If you’re tired of lobster spring roll recipes all tasting the same, the watermelon lobster spring roll recipe is ideal for you. These spring rolls are served with a side of watermelon sesame sweet and sour sauce. The sauce is tangy, and when mixed with the delicious fresh lobster, cabbage, and scallions, you’ll experience a fresh take on the standard spring roll.

When you are preparing your favorite spring lobster dishes, make sure you purchase lobster as well. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. is the best of the best when it comes to quality seafood.

Tips on Preparing Seafood

So, you love seafood, but you doTips on Preparing Seafood n’t have the budget to chow down at your favorite seafood restaurant every night? Well, it’s time to dust off that apron and get in the kitchen.

Not only is seafood delicious, versatile and affordable, it’s also nutritious, low in calories and a great source of protein. Whether you’re craving lobster, shrimp, crab or other shellfish, seafood is easy to cook. Anyone can master it with some practice. Just follow these steps and you’ll be making mouth-watering dishes at home like a pro in no time!

Initial Prep

If your lobster or other seafood selection is frozen, place in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours to thaw. If you are in a time crunch, you can speed up the process by placing the item in a re-sealable plastic bag and in a bowl under cold running water. Whether it’s fresh or newly thawed, rinse under cold running water to clean the item.

Marinating and Seasoning

No one wants a bland dish, and making seafood at home is no exception. Seasoning and marinating your seafood is an important part of the cooking process. So don’t be afraid to add some spice and zest to your dish. Add your desired spices and marinade to your seafood selection and place in the refrigerator in a re-sealable container. Fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder and melted butter are all safe bets for kicking your dish up a notch.


You can cook seafood several different ways depending on what type of seafood you are working with. Sautéing, boiling, baking and grilling all have their own advantages and enhances the flavor differently.

Lobster Prep

If you’re craving lobster, there’s a few extra steps to make sure you end up with a tender and flavorful dish. Boiling or steaming is your best option. When handling live lobsters, make sure to cut the rubber bands off the claws immediately before you drop them in the pot.

For more information about lobster and other seafood preparation, visit Cape Porpoise.

World Famous Seafood Festivals

Seafood is one of the most popular of cuisines in the world, not just in the New England states. People from all over the world dine on delicious seafood every single.World Famous Seafood Festivals

To celebrate seafood, several cities, states, and countries host festivals where guests can get a first-hand experience at trying delicious and unique seafood recipes. Here is a list of great seafood festivals around the country:

Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival in May

Location: Fernandina Beach, FL
This small Victorian town celebrates seafood as the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry. The festival is a family-oriented event where guests can enjoy the sounds of local musicians, arts and crafts, and plenty of shrimp.

Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in September

Location: Morgan City, LA
Over the long Labor Day weekend, Louisiana hosts of an enormous, (and free,!) four-day festival dedicated to seafood. This festival was created to showcase the hard work of the individuals in the fishing and petroleum industries around Louisiana. The festival offers endless mounds of cooked crustacean foods, Cajun and Zydeco music, and children’s activities.

Galway Oyster and Seafood Festival in September

Location: Galway, Ireland
Ireland is the host of one of the world’s largest seafood festivals, the Galway Oyster and Seafood Festival. This event gets an average of 20,000 visitors ever year. The event offers a variety of really delicious seafood cuisine and some top-notch entertainment.

Auckland Seafood Festival in February

Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
There is a very strong fishing industry in New Zealand and it serves as one of the world’s most popular seafood festivals. The festival has music playing at two different venues along with specialty meals featuring including steamed mussels and whitebait fritters. There are even chef demonstrations on how to prepare high quality seafood dishes.

If you are hosting an event where you want seafood to be the main dish, Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. has a variety of amazing seafood available to you.


Seafood Appetizers for the Big Game

During the NFL championship game, which will be airing next month, many families and friends gather to cheer on their favorite team and of couSeafood Appetizers for the Big Game rse, eat!

Football parties are often full of the standard snacks: chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, chips and dip, etc. Why not switch it up this year?

Serve seafood at your big football party to give guests a chance to sample some “out of the ordinary snacks” that might be good enough to pull them away from the television.

Lobster Sliders

Lobster is a great go-to when it comes to seafood. There are many ways to prepare and serve lobster, but for a football party, the best way is the un-conventional form: lobster sliders. Mimicking a hamburger, you can serve up these sliders on toasted rolls with a mix of lobster, mayonnaise, pickle, celery, tarragon, and lemon zest. You just have to refrigerate the mix for one hour and place it onto the roll

Shrimp Dip

Dips are the ultimate convenient food for parties that are constantly a big hit. When you want your guests to enjoy the game and not be interrupted by hard-to-eat foods, serve a shrimp dip. We suggest this great spicy buffalo shrimp dip that pairs up well with tortilla chips for a simple and savory snack.

Artichoke and Crab Dip

A common football snack is spinach and artichoke dip, but crab meat actually compliments artichoke better. That’s right, you can make a crab and artichoke dip alternative. It is a very easy dip that can be served warm in a bread bowl. (Few things are better than a bread bowl) The ingredient list is pretty long, but you’ll have most of them in the kitchen already. All you do is mix them together, heat it up, and fill the bread bowl with them.

BBQ Shrimp

Many people don’t eat shrimp unless it’s a “special occasion,” and the big game certainly is one. BBQ sauce can spice up just about anything and shrimp is at the top of the list. Serve BBQ shrimp dip as an easy finger food appetizer that is filling and requires minimal preparation. You’ll need shrimp, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and a few kitchen staples.

Make sure you purchase quality seafood to prepare your appetizers in time for the big game. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. is the best of the best when it comes to quality seafood.

Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for 2017

If you didn’t get some of the kitTop Kitchen Gadgets of 2017 chen gadgets you desired for Christmas this year, we have compiled a list of gadgets that will make you forget all of about them. Below are some of the hottest kitchen gadgets and products on the market.

The Anova One Bluetooth Precision Cooker

The “sous vide” method of cooking has becoming increasingly popular in the past few years and gadgets can help us cook sous vide at home. Sous vide is when you cook food through temperature-controlled water. It allows you to cook meat and seafood at the exact temperature it should be cooked at. The vacuum-seal prevents moisture from escaping and the food will hold in the water without getting overcooked for hours. The Anova One Bluetooth Precision Cooker is roughly $150.00 and can be controlled from your smartphone allowing you to start cooking dinner from anywhere.

The Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet

People that spend a lot of time cooking, both in the kitchen and over the campfire, often express how much they prefer cast iron appliances. If you are itching to grill a steak but don’t want to pull out the grill in the middle of winter, a cast iron skillet will help you cook a steak that will meet your personal preferences from right inside of your home with minimal smoke. The Lodge Classic Iron Skillet is perfect for inside or outside meals. It has received many praises for heating evenly, making it ideal for large cuts of meat.  At just under $40.00, you can cook fresh steaks from the comfort of your own home.

Bear Paws

Although the name of this item can be a bit off-putting, this gadget is a practical and unique gift for the person that is always offering to host those summer barbecues. “Bear Paws” are perfect for handling hot meats right off of the barbecue. They can help you shred and pick up the pork when it is piping hot in order to prevent you from burning your hands or waiting for it to completely cool. This product is just $13.00, making it affordable and well worth the splurge.

Thermapen Mk4

Although many of us have some type of meat thermometer sitting around, most of us don’t have one as impressive or accurate as the Thermapen Mk4. You should not have to guess if your meat is cooked completely through. This digital thermometer can give you an accurate reading of your meat if in just two to three seconds. It can go as low as -58 degrees or as high as 572 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to ensure that your meat is always the temperature it needs to be. For just under $90.00, you can purchase the world’s best (in speed and accuracy) digital meat thermometer in almost any color.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Although the main function of a fridge and freezer is to keep your food cold, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is capable of much more. Although it is over $5,500, the smart fridge has a built-in touch screen stocked with apps, as well as an ingredient-tracking fridge camera. If you find yourself at the grocery store wondering if you are really almost out of ketchup, you can check the camera in your fridge from your smart phone and know for sure. The touch screen can also pull up a calendar, notes, photos, and music. It is essentially a mobile phone attached to your fridge, and although it’s expensive, it’s pretty incredible.

Signature Kitchen Suite

This 30-inch gas range, Signature Kitchen Suite, has the option to function on WiFi allowing you to connect your oven to your WiFi. This connection allows you to control your oven from your smartphone. You can preheat your oven on your way home, turn a burner on or off, or report an issue to a service center. You can start preheating the oven when you leave for work and it will be ready for you to use when you walk in the door. If you leave for the day and you’re paranoid that you might not have turned the oven off, you can check from your phone for a priceless peace of mind.

Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

If you are doing your best to eat healthy, which most of us typically are, purchasing some sort of steamer can be a great long-term investment for you and for your well-being. Steaming food is a great way to heat up and prepare food. Steaming food doesn’t require you to add any fat and it keeps the majority of nutrients in your food where boiling does not. The Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer is great because you can steam two different types of food at once. The digital touchpad makes it simple to use and it will switch to warm when your food is ready to prevent it from overheating.

With each passing year, kitchen gadgets become more focused on technology as many of these new products are. However, sometimes standard gadgets are simply improved upon.

Regardless, each year one thing remains the same: Cape Porpoise Lobster Company is the best of the best when it comes to quality seafood.